Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tack Rooms Extraordinaire

I feel lucky to have a barn.  Mine is old, dusty, full of cobwebs and mice, but I love it nonetheless.  Sometimes I see photos of extraordinary farms and barns and wonder how much "help" it takes to keep those fancy farms in order; I know how much labor (mostly mine) it takes to keep my 40 acres going.

So let's do a little drooling....what if you won Powerball?  What would your tack room look like?  (All photos are from Pinterest).

Now this is a wash stall.....

This is just so over the top...

This is supposedly Martha Stewart's....

This is more realistic....


  1. ....sigh. Buyin' that Powerball ticket right now!

  2. Tack room eye candy oh yes so sweet!

  3. Wow....Love these ideas!! I have such a hard time to arrange my tack room. Thanks a lot for sharing these helpful and wonderful ideas.

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