Friday, August 23, 2013

What's in Your Tack Room?

Many people would love to see the interiors of the largest, most prestigious homes in your area. Right?  That's why we have house tours.  But others, like me, would also love to see the tack rooms inside some of the best barns, show stables, or even those of a weekend warrior like me.  So you want to know what's inside mine?  Take a look....let me warn you, it's not fancy!

We've had this old metal sign for years.  It hangs inside the barn when you first walk in, near where we groom the horses.

I keep some of the ribbons in the tack room.  Many have been thrown out.

I have some message boards right outside the tack room. The tri-color and the big purple ribbon are the ones Alfie won this summer, the first in late June right before I got hurt.

I took my saddles inside until I am riding again.  Lots of girths....

My small refrigerator comes in handy.

That's Sega's fake tail.  The kitchen cabinets came out of the house, along with the old counter tops.

My blankets and coolers are in plastic bags underneath..

This is the barn aisle. I have six large stalls..

It's an old barn, over 100 years, very cold in winter but I love it, warts and all...


  1. omg... all those champion ribbons.. if they disappear they aren't in norcal.

  2. Not going to lie, I'm kind of obsessed over all the ribbons you have!

  3. That is ALOT of ribbons!
    I love a neat, orderly, user friendly tack room.
    Where my horse is now we just have a stall for trunks, as most people boarding there don't ride. I bought a entertainment cabinet last fall to repurpose as a tack cabinet in the garage for my saddles and stuff I just can't stomach selling because the cost of replacing it [should I ever decide to ride again] is just mind-boggling.


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