Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fall Fashions Show Equestrian Love Again This Season

It's almost Labor Day and with the cool temps we have had here in the East, you might think Fall had arrived more than a month early.  The new clothes are hitting the stores and again, the equestrian-influence is alive and well.

As you'd expect, J Crew is in on the act in a big way.  I love the color of this quilted jacket which reminds me of Burberry but for a mere fraction of the price.

There are many others following the trend, the usual suspects......

Ralph, in a huge way. 

Burberry, to a degree. Love this bag......
 And I am loving these belts......

 What have you seen out there so far?


  1. A couple of months ago I bought one of Rebecca Ray's bit bracelets for a close friend. I was hoping for orange or brown, but the shop I bought it in only had it in yellow that day, apparently a new color. But it worked out fine...she loved it.

  2. I think Travel Smith has done a nice job w/this item (haven't seen it in person though):



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