Monday, May 5, 2014

Country House Style

Living in the country is very different than city life or suburban style and the house should reflect that. In thinking about my living room (I am planning to take on the one room in the house that has not been tackled) I have to stop myself from picking out fabrics and styles that just don't fit. 

While I didn't put much wallpaper in my own house, I thought about it long and hard. I would have chosen this fabulous toile above it I had the right place to put it.  Same goes for the hunting scene paper below. These just belong in a country house.

This modern looking entrance hall screams country house to me.  It's functional. wood floors, wide door to let lots of light in. Vintage looking fixture. And of course the dog.  A country house mixes old and new, looks lived in. Houses get dirty in the country, the lifestyle lends itself to that.

A country house looks like it's been there for decades.

The layered look on the bed is right.  Old antiques, draperies (for looks only or to keep out the sun).  

A mud room is a given:

Sensible rugs or maybe no rugs at all.....

Dash & Albert rugs are favorites.  They are inexpensive, you can throw them into the washing machine and there's lots to pick from.  I don't like modern light fixtures in country houses either. 

And this bathroom is so perfect.  Love the floor, the ceiling, the doors, the art, everything!

And a country house always has a lot of books.  Watching television?  Rarely every happens except for Sunday nights when Downton is on.

Country houses are contrary to what many people want today, but for those who love this lifestyle, pure bliss!  Happy Monday!

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  1. I LOVE wallpaper... I recently made the mistake of looking on Steves Blinds and Wallpaper at Ralph Lauren papers- several Hunt/Equestrian themed papers that are 'to die for' if not pricey.


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