Monday, May 19, 2014

Equestrian-Influenced Sandals

The equestrian influence in footwear is always big, and this summer is no exception.  J Crew is channeling Ralph and Gucci as they roll out their "equestrian sandal" in both flat and stacked heels:

The price point is good and you can always wait for a special sale at J Crew.  I am not sure I love these, maybe a bit too "heavy" looking for me anyway.  But I have not tried these on either.  

Katherine Page makes some lovely sandals, very horsey, almost like Edgewood Bridles for your feet but these are too pricey for my pocketbook at $325.  That being said, I do like them and am sure I'd wear them:

There is always Gucci:
And in this day and age, there's always an inexpensive alternative if you look hard enough:

Thank you Franco Sarto!

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