Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sun Loving Shades

I love the look of a woven shade with a full drapery, especially when you need to cover the windows for sun exposure or privacy.  In the country privacy is rarely an issue but the sun can beat down and ruin art, rugs, everything over time.

I just love this look and am going to use it as I plan my living room decoration later this year.  The informal look is what I am trying to achieve with the functionality of the woven shade.  My living room has four windows and two face east and the sun will need to be blocked for sure. The other windows face north and south. 

But I don't like the look when the shades "stand out."  They should lie in the background.

This room looks great and the idea of using white woven shades to offset the grasscloth on the walls is pefect!

Hope you have a sunny day wherever you are, with shades!

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