Saturday, August 8, 2015

Chandelier Shopping - Living Room Renovation

I am in the final stages of my living room renovation and need to pick out a light for the ceiling.  The room is large, 9 foot ceilings, 16 x 20. Walls are a pale blue.  Room is blue, beige and white.  I will need either a gold fixture or one done in blues or beiges. Here are some choices so far.....any feedback?


  1. I love the Ro Sham Beaux beaded lighting fixtures. I'm on the web site daily. You've selected some great fixtures!

  2. Without seeing elevations of the proposed room design, scale, fabric samples, paint colors, rugs, and furniture, it would be hard to envision one of the lighting fixtures in the room, especially without knowing measurements. Also, decide if a trendy or past trend look is something you can live with for more than one year.


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