Sunday, August 23, 2015

Equi In Style Heated Shirts

I realize it's not winter, yet but if the predictions are correct, we're in for a cold one, again.  A new product out there from EIS, heated shirts, supposedly make you feel 5 degrees warmer on those bitter cold days.  They will be the rage this winter for sure and others also make shirts that make this claim. 

Here's what they say about the technology behind these shirts:

Mega Heat Technology
This self-heating technology (no mesh design) is embedded in the fabric and heats your body temperature by 5 degrees. Your movement generates the heating effect and will keep you warm. Also has UPF 50+

Microscopic nano particle attached to fabric fibers make these performance features long lasting. Not a fabric finish.

Easy Care
Normal wash, quick drying, and no shrinkage.

Odor Control
Our special wicking fabric helps control body odor.

I haven't tried one of these yet but I like the cool shirts and ride in the all summer long.

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