Monday, August 31, 2015

Living Room Renovation Upate

The living room renovation continues......the drapes and pictures are up.  Furniture is being recovered, the walls are now pale blue but I am in need of input.  I want to add a nice bar cart in either wood, gold, or bronze, two shelves, not too short or too long, somewhere in between. I have narrowed my search to these:

This one I adore but unless I can find it discounted, is way out of my price range:

 This one is by Bungalow 5:

 This is Society Social but it would be gold.  I love the bamboo but think it is too busy...

 This one is from World's Away. I wish the shelves were glass and not mirrors...
 I like the shape of this one but not sure about how good the quality is going to be...

Also struggling with lights.  My ceilings are 9 feet and the 24-25 inch fixtures seem too big to me, they come down too low in the room.  The light will be in the middle of the room, not over anything.

 I like this one but think it is too big.

 Here are some others I am liking:

This one is my favorite but way too expensive!

This is my drapery fabric, on dark wooden rods:
 Chair fabric:



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