Thursday, June 16, 2016

Happiness is an OTTB

I am loving my OTTB (off the track Thoroughbred), a former race horse, now ready to find a new career.  With the huge movement going on to retrain these horses for new careers in dressage, eventing, hunters/jumpers, what's not to like?

A contact in Ohio has this adorable mare for sale.  If I were looking I'd be in my car right about now on my way.....

Here are the details:
Nia is a 15.3 hand 6 year old TB mare. She has no vices and is sound on what appears to be clean legs. Nia is sweet as can be and nice to be around. She went out on 24/7 turn out with another mare and seems to be enjoying herself. This mare is in beautiful condition thanks to her racing connections. She comes with a scar on her left front ankle from a cut she got while swimming. She also has a dent in the muscle on the left side of her neck probably from when she was in the womb. Nia last raced on 6/5....she is fairly quiet but is still race fit so I recommend a knowledgeable rider. Located in Lisbon OH 44432. $2500


  1. She's very nice. My last horse came indirectly through ReRun NJ. He was a wonderful guy of 18 when I got him, sound and sane and athletic, just like I like 'em.
    Alas I lost him 3 weeks go.
    I would love to help another, but they are expensive even if you get them for free like my last one.

  2. So very sorry about your loss!

  3. Great looking horse! The dent in the neck I have heard happens in the womb and folklore says it means the horse is calm and kind.


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