Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lola Update

Little Lola made her horse show debut in grand style on Saturday, overcoming the heat and the humidity to bring home her first blue ribbon and barely missing the tri-color.  She jumped around like she's been doing this forever, and made everyone on her team proud.  She is off to a good start.  And she has big shoes to fill. 

She has that diva attitude and seems to love being a show horse.  She reminds me so much of Sega (maybe they've been having discussions in the paddock after all). 

She has two more shows this month, three weeks in a row, so we'll see how she does.  Another chestnut mare with grand ambition?  We'll see.....


  1. How proud you must be. As a spurious viewer, I am glad to share your elations. Congratulations, Ann

  2. Wonderful - she's got that "Look at me!" thing down pat!

  3. Thank you, she is off to a good start. Her first tri-color last weekend and another show tomorrow! Here's hoping she keeps loving her job!


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