Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Lilly Lust

A recent trip to Atlanta required multiple trips to the Lilly stores where my siblings and I shopped til we dropped. I am loving some of their clothes this year.  Here are some of the top picks:

These pullovers are a great weight, not too heavy and are great for chilly summer evenings.  I have last year's version and I wear it all the time.

 This is just the cutest dress ever but you must see the back with the zipper that goes all the way up the dress.  I love this print too.  See it here.

 The t-shirt dresses are great too. So comfortable, just an easy dress to throw on and go to the grocery.  There are many prints to pick from too.

I fell in love with this dress too and probably should have brought it home.  The back of this dress is so adorable too.

Fell in love with this tunic. It would look great also with a hot pink t-shirt underneath.

 And this one came home with me.  It's a little bit heavier than the other one, but I love the colors and will wear with white jeans.
 My sister bought this dress. It's so cute in real life.  It looks great on her.
 I didn't try this on but should have.  The fit and flair style hides a lot of stuff.  It looks much better in real life. It has the v-neck in the back too.
Love how Lilly is catering to all sizes and shapes and ages these days.  Love, love, love the brand.

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