Friday, June 10, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

If I could make this coming weekend last for about a week, I'd be able to do everything I wish I could do.  There is so much going on........

Belmont Stakes
There won't be much excitement this year at the Belmont but let's face it, how special was American Pharoah's run last year?  We likely won't see that again anytime soon.  But I'll be watching the race anyway because it is the Triple Crown.  My bet is on Exaggerator to win and he had the fastest speed score going into the Derby and he's bred for distance.  You can see what the NYT writers think here.

Upperville Horse Show and Grand Prix
I wish I had time to travel to Upperville this weekend to see the show and the Grand Prix on Sunday.  If you can get there, by all means make the trip.  You will not be disappointed.

Little Lola's Horse Show Debut
I've kept quiet about Lola (I don't want to jinx her in any way) but the plan is for her to make her horse show debut on Saturday.  I'll have plenty of photos if it all goes well.

A Visit to the Park
On Sunday, if the energy is there, we're making our second trip to this incredible park not far from the farm. I have been wanting to hang out on the beach. Really.  There is a beach.

Alfie's Back
Aflie has not had a good year.  He is showing on Saturday for the first time in a few months.  He is having some issues.  Hoping all goes well. We'll report back.

Hoping you have plans for a fun weekend. 

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  1. Busy indeed! How did your weekend turn out? It's a long weekend for us here in Australia!


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