Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Black Tie Affair

Dressing for black tie or "black tie optional" is always a challenge and unfortunately, no one ever hosts a black tie or even cocktail event any more.  I have an event to attend in late September so I've been searching online for some options.  These are ones I found on Net-a-Porter and many of these are greatly reduced (some of their clothes are out of my price range) but this is what I came up with..... Which ones are your favorite?

1) Long Sleeves
I like this dress because it's not just plain black and it has long sleeves (I am always cold).

 2) Greek Goddess
This is a good summer dress but not for the fall.

 3) Back is Better
I like the back of the dress but not so much in the front. On the right person this will look smashing.

 4) Good Ordinary Black Dress
This is a good dress to be worn over and over again. Kind of plain and ordinary but sensible.

5) Cute Black Dress
Another somewhat ordinary but fun dress.

 6) Love the Lace
This is lovely!
 7) Sequins to Adore
I would have bought this one (and the shoes) if my size were still available.  Love this one. I'd wear this for years.
 8) Oscar Love
This is out of my price range but this is a great ladies' dress.

9) Velvet Goddess
Love this one too!

10) Summer Love
I adore this for a formal summer wedding.

11) Red is Not Dead
On the right person this dress will be stunning. Love the shoes too!

 12) Navy is the New Black
Love this one too!
 13) Another Navy Love
I love the style of this dress. Still on the fence about the shoes. Takers?

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