Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Dog Days of August

It's still July, but I always look forward to the month of August.  Summer is my favorite season and August epitomizes all that is summer to me. Why, might you ask? August.....

The US Hardcourt Tennis Season is Full Swing
I love to watch tennis and the US has several high quality tournaments that lead up to the US Open in New York.  There are tournaments in Washington, in North Carolina, Atlanta and Cincinnati just to mention a few. If you happen to live near these cities, it's a great way to see top players very close up, at a reasonable price. And then there's nothing like the US Open.  Cannot wait to go in September.

The Lilly Calendars Come Out
Need I say more?

The Fall Clothes Start Appearing 
It's fun to shop for winter when it's 90 degrees outside.  I love fall clothes and can't wait to start seeing what the new styles look like.

This is high on my bucket list, maybe in 2018 we'll make the trek to Saratoga in August.  I want to see The Travers in person and just everything I have read about this place, well, I know I will love it.

Trips to Bath County
When the temperatures rise, we escape to Bath County here in Virginia where the air is cool(er) and the scenary perfect for a hot summer weekend.

Summer Patio Dinners
I'm not an air conditioner lover, so I bear the heat and humidity and dine outside even in late summer. 

Enjoy this time of year!

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