Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Elusive Evening Clutch Bag

The elusive clutch evening bag.  Darn right it's elusive, and expensive. You don't need to own many of these, and they last forever, but finding a few to own and keep, and afford, well, it's not easy. The ones I tend to love cost more than my first car, but there some very cute bags out there, to use sparingly through the years, but when you need a cute bag to dress up a black tie, plain dress, then you need it.

Like this one from Milly.  This will go with a lot, you can even use it with jeans a black sweater and a pair on Manolo Blahnik mules.  Mix and match, right?

This is an adorable and affordable summer bag, on sale right now at a very good price.  This one will last forever. Classic and simple.


I also like this one from Milly now less than half price.  This will go with most anything.

Another cute bag for summer.  On sale too.

Another Milly bag.  

And I love this one!

One more for the summer weddings or cocktails.  I'd also use this for "going out."

And the tortoise shell clutch bag, it's a classic wardrobe staple.

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