Monday, July 10, 2017

The Disappearing Dining Room

Where did the dining room go? Missing in action. Houses don't come any more with formal dining spaces and I hate it.  My current home seats 12 nicely in the dining room and it's so much fun to plan a splendid dinner, mixing guests with people they've never met.  Why has our casual lifestyle evolved to eating at a bar in the kitchen.

It seems that dining rooms are not the only victim here - large foyers, staircases, living rooms are all less important to homeowners now according to a panel of homebuilders at the National Association of Real Estate Editors conference in Houston. People seem to be more practical now than ever before when it comes to entertaining (they don't do it) and eating in the kitchen seems to be the new normal.


  1. Honestly, our brains are on the same wavelength lately. Your comments on entertaining, and now the dining rooms disappearing have also been on my mind. I'm keeping mine. It lends a civil air to entertaining and a fine meal. On occasion I do have lunch in mine. Why not use it for everyday meals?
    And when my husband and I downsize, I will still need a dining room. I didn't spend years in antique shops looking for the right pieces of furniture to sell it..
    You're not alone....

    1. So glad to hear that there are like minds out there that appreciate some of the "old" traditions that seem to be disappearing. Thanks for reading!

  2. We use our dining room for both lunch and diner. I enjoy cooking and don't want to eat looking at the pots and pans etc. It is far nicer to be in a different room enjoying the food and the company. I know this is rare but I don't understand how people live these days.

  3. I'm with Sarah. We actually eat in our dining room for all of our meals. It's so much nicer than sitting in the kitchen.

  4. My family of six lives in an older home, built when kitchens were for work! Every meal is eaten in our dining room - that room holds so many memories for us. I wouldn't change a thing!


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