Thursday, March 22, 2018

Alfie and Madison Update

The extremely cold winter weather has not had a positive impact on my riding so far this year. I pulled Alfie out in January and took him to a small show with no prep, no riding, and he tried to be a good boy but as we all know, getting older is not easy. He needed a "tune up" which typically happens in mid-Spring, so we moved it up a few months. 

Miss Madison has been in "camp" since late 2017 and all of her hard work is starting to pay dividends.  We debuted her in the "Pre Greens" in mid-January in heavy company and she pulled her weight but the competition was a bit stiff for her at this stage. In early March she showed again and did very well.

Last weekend, I tried my luck, debuting at 3'0 with no prep and no practice. In fact, I had not jumped Madison since last fall.  But she came through and we won two of our three classes (beating Alfie in two of them).  So we are off to a good start. I had zero expectations.  It was a good Saturday for horse showing.

This is a picture from last fall with the trainer, but I had a smile like that too.  So looking forward to a great career with this little bay mare!


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