Thursday, March 15, 2018

Early Spring Picks

I've had trouble getting terribly excited about the spring clothes this season and have not bought anything except a pair of shoes.  Maybe it's because it's so cold outside and we have snow on the ground. But usually I love spring clothes and buy much more for spring and summer than for winter.  Here are a few of the things I have seen that I like but I'm holding out for warmer weather and for some markdowns.  (Read wish, maybe).

This cute t-shirt from J Crew is really cute but I have so many t-shirts and how many does one really need?  But it is really really cute.

I bought these in navy and red (the only thing I have bought this spring) and am tempted to buy them in white.  These are very comfortable and look a lot like the real Belgians for a fraction of the price. Size up a half size.

I saw this top at Talbots and liked it a lot but have not tried it on.  Having a really fun white top works for me and I go through them.  It's much cuter in real life.

These tops from Talbots are also cute and I like that the bell sleeves are not huge.

And this shirt screams Audrey to me. I have a similar one in white that I bought last year and wear it often.

You can shop Talbots here.  The tops are 30 percent off right now.  So if you need one, it's a great time to save.

I really like these Miller sandals from Tory Burch and they are limited edition. These are patent leather (my only complaint) but my one pair of Miller sandals get worn to death so I don't think you can go wrong with adding a pair or two or three to your collection.  

I bought a few things from French Connection last fall in New York and I really like the brand. It seems to fit very well.  this is a cute top which will pair well with jeans or black pants.  Love the back.  See it here.

And I love the tweed jackets at Zara.  At Zara I either love the collections or hate them, am never in between.  These are cute and the price points are perfect. These won't last more than a few years but fun to wear with jeans.

Happy Thursday!

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