Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Fast Fashion - Just Say No

Last week I blogged about Early Spring Picks and included a few photos of cute and very inexpensive tweed blazers from Zara.  Well, I drank the koolaid and ordered three and it was an experience I don't need to repeat.  They were awful.  Nothing was worth keeping even for $50.  You get what you pay for and for less than $50 what should I have expected?  These would hold up maybe through two or three cleanings.  The fit was terrible, the lining was terrible and they looked nothing like they did online.  At least they offer free shipping and free returns.

My question is this?  Is this what people really want?  Am I truly in the minority when I don't want to pay $50 for something that won't last through two seasons?  

There's an interesting article in the New York Times about H & M and how the company is sitting on billions of dollars of unsold clothes as people aren't buying. It's just overkill and obviously the market is saturated.  Read it here.

J Crew also seems to be following the fast fashion trend as they continue to dumb down their brand and get away from what they do best which is create well-made, preppy-like clothing that fit well.  Their new cheaper bathing suit line and their very cheap undergarments are sad examples of how they are destroying their brand.  I hope the ship hasn't sailed yet.  It's one of my favorite brands, or at least it once was near the top of my list.

But other retailers are not following this sad trend - Talbots, Sara Campbell, Nordstrom, J McLaughlin, Club Monaco,Tory Burch and others.  You can still find well-made, albeit more expensive clothes, where quality trumps price.  And you can always shop the sales and buy then. 

This cute pink jacket from Talbots is on my list for spring. I am ok paying over $100 for this piece as it should last for years.


And don't get me started about shopping for furniture.  The quality is so terrible now, I can't even begin to go there. We'll save that for another day.  

Is fast fashion losing it's allure or is this just a momentary blip on the radar?  Time will tell.


  1. I can't pay $100 for a blazer, but then I also hate cheap, poorly made clothes almost as much as I hate fads.
    So I shop second hand, either consignment or at Salvation Army and I can find excellent bargains on quality, classic clothing.

    1. Have you shopped Poshmark? It is a GREAT source. I bought a new with tags, Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt for $20. You can bid on clothes, it's so much better than Ebay. Great deals on great brands. Highly recommend. You can buy new clothes, used clothes, all the brands. Good shipping fees and if the seller has misrepresented you can return. Download the app or shop online.

  2. I agree. You visit the big department stores which were known for quality in the past: Macy's, for one.. and the quality is non-existent. You're right about Talbots. They were the name for quality clothes and then seemed to dip in quality, style and choice. Thankfully, they seem to be coming back to their roots. I've purchased a number of items (they're having 30% off on dresses!) so I picked up the sleeveless with the rick rack trim....Nice quality.. It seems each few weeks they're having a sale on one type of clothing: blouses, now dresses...Take a look! To tell the truth, I've gone back to my shopping roots: Talbots and Brooks Brothers... The rest are cheap knock-offs which don't last..

  3. I find myself in the same boat - I don't want to buy rubbish but there is a shortage of quality brands in a realistic price point. Please continue to review and share brands that are worth a look.

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