Friday, April 20, 2018

The Search for the Perfect Denim Dress

You'd think this would be an easy task, finding a cute, all-purpose, well-priced denim dress to span the seasons and take on a fall trip later this year. Yes?  You be the judge.....

This one meets the well-priced category and it's on sale now for less than $40. It may make me look like a potato sack but it can be returned so this one is a definite try it.  But the reviews say it's made of tencil and is not soft and comfortable.

This one is bland but likely will last years but it does not come in smaller sizes so I can't even go there, but it might work for someone else. Good price point too.

This one is cute from Lord & Taylor but it is very short. It's also on sale!  Many of these dresses are too wide to fit my frame as well. Will the bell sleeve be out of style in another year?

This dress is very cute, not that practical but adorable:

Another inexpensive and somewhat practical dress from H & M:

Another cute one that is already sold out in my size.  It is also made of tencil.

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