Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Attention to Detail

It's all in the details - the small touches that make the difference - in clothing, furniture, accessories, rugs, lamps, trim inside a house......

Look at the detail on this handbag, from the lining, to the stitching to the zipper.  Incredible workmanship.  It is lovely.

Look at the detail  on these needlepoint belts. The same master craftsman, Chuck Pinnell, made them all.  He is based here in Virginia. He's a master craftsman and his belts and bags are heirlooms that you'd want to pass down and keep forever.

The rolled edge on this belt is also fabulous.  It just makes this belt.  This another Chuck Pinnell creation.

The detail on these Essex shirts is also exquisite.  Look at the lining around the cuffs, collars, inside the placket, the buttons......

And if you've never seen Belgian Loafers close-up, you'll see why they cost so much but so worth it.  Hand stitched.  And they are the most comfortable shoes I own by a huge margin.

Details make all the difference.


  1. Chuck Pinnell made a replacement belt for a Hermes buckle I have - I believe it is better quality than the original! I love to browse his shop when I see him at Devon or Wellington. He has such good taste.

    I have a few Belgians, and wish I could collect them all!

  2. I love Belgians too! The details in the new Essex shirts are also incredible.


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