Friday, July 27, 2018

New Beauty Products

It's always fun to try out new beauty products. I have a few products that I won't veer away from but am always on the hunt for new ones to try and add to my repetoire.  Here are some I'd like to test out:

I love a good mask and miss the black mud mask that Erno Lazlo used to make.  So this one would be fun to try:

I'm a sucker for anything with grapefruit in it so of course, this scrub looks enticing for the bath:

This foaming cleanser looks interesting too:

I'd also like to try this mask from Dior:


I'd love to try this for my bath!

 Armani lip gloss is great and I am always in the market for more.  Love the pink!

I'm a big fan of EL and I have not yet tried this product.  Their stuff is fantastic!

Happy Friday!

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