Sunday, July 1, 2018

Hunt Country Floor Cloths

When I think of floor cloths I usually think of Colonial Williamsburg or primitive decor which is not my taste.  But I recently came across a brand of floor cloths that can work in all kinds of decor and if you have animals - cats or dogs - or live on a farm a floor cloth is a nice alternative to rugs.  I am ordering these for my kitchen for sure.

The company makes one very nice hunt scene floor cloth and it comes only in two sizes, 1'11 x 2'6 and 3'7 x 4'8.  The photo below is not great but you get the idea. You can see on the company website here.

Here is another one you might like too:

The ones that I saw are priced a bit better than the ones on this company's site.  If you want to order one contact Edgewater Linen at 252-726-1044.

Another option is a company that makes custom floor cloths but they are quite expensive.  Here is a photo of one of their designs.

You can see the details on pricing here.  More on floor cloths to come.  Happy July!

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