Thursday, July 4, 2019

Chic Look Starter Kit

We all want to look stylish but let's admit some are better at the "look" than others.  The chicest people are just always "put together" no matter what they wear.  So how do they do it?  What's in their wardrobe and what should be in yours?  So I put together a casual outfit that anyone (any age or location) can wear right now. 

Let's start with a great pair of white jeans.  I wear mine all year long.  Love these from J Crew (they are 40 percent off right now) and these fit great.  Learn what style suits your body type best and show it off.

Always wear a little heel.  Kitten heels are my favorite (not too tall and easy to walk in) but just that little bit of elevation elongates your legs, shows off those ankles.  Love these from Altuzarra in black.  You can't go wrong with black ever.  And a chic pointy toe is "in" right now.  These are classic and chic for any age.

Have the right handbag.  Like shoes, a handbag can make or break an outfit.  You don't need a ton of bags, but a cute small bucket bag will work.  And I love a mini bag for going out. There are tons of these out there but I love the shape of this one:

There are so many options with shirts and sweaters.  I love this black top that you can wear now and the sleeves make this so different.  

I also like this fun shirt and it's a great bargain right now:

And all chic women wear a great color of lipstick:

Have a chic July 4th!

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