Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Homestead's Cascades Historic Hotel to be Torn Down Soon

If you've been to the infamous Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, Virginia then you've likely driven past The Cascades at Healing Springs, on Route 220 just north of the famous Cascades Golf Course where Sam Snead got his start on your way to The Homestead. The golf course is considered "mecca" for golf enthusiasts but the old Cascades Resort at Healing Springs has seen better days. In fact, it is scheduled to be torn down this summer.  We are all losers in this decision.

This is a post card (not sure of the date, likely 1950's) when the hotel was open to the public. I am not certain when it closed to the public.

This history of the Springs is sketchy.  If you know much about the history of "healing springs" they were in vogue in the last half of the 19th century and early in the 20th century.  There was an earlier hotel that was built around Healing Springs about 1850.  There was a Cottage Row part of the complex that was torn down in 1975.  The hotel that is currently standing was built in the early 1900's.

There are two springs on this property, Healing and Little Healing, both thermal.  In 1895 Jakey Rubino, a trader from New York, bought the springs and marketed the water "Rubino Healing Springs" which did not sit well with the The Hot Springs Company which was already established.  He found himself in court as he advertised his water as "healing"even though the water had no healing qualities. He actually won the case but by the time the case worked its way through the courts, bottled water was no longer in vogue and his market was gone.

But Rubino built an impressive home (now used by the Homestead as a restaurant - Rubino's - and a pro shop for The Cascades Golf Course) which was purchased in 1923 by The Hot Spring Company.  The Cascades Golf Course was built in 1923.  It's worth a stop to see the lovely home and sit on the upper deck for a nice summer lunch overlooking the Cascades Golf Course. It's a beautiful spot and the temperatures in Bath County tend to be much cooler than the surrounding areas.

Very sad.

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