Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Wishful Wednesday - Things I Love

Gotta love these.......................

1) World's Cutest Horse Wreath
A picture is worth a thousand words, well, maybe a hundred.  Santa?  See this one here, but hurry!

2) Malin and Goetz Peppermint Shampoo
I love this shampoo and was reminded so during a recent business trip - my hotel provided Malin & Goetz products.  Love them! But this shampoo is my favorite. Picture washing you hair with the smell of peppermint candy, not to mention that it leaves your hair soft and fluffy. 

3) Vintage Lilly
The newer Lilly is just not the same as the old stuff.  The fabrics are poly, not cotton and it does not seem to hold up after washing.  My really old skirts and shifts are much nicer, and are also fully lined.  See this cute Kentucky Derby shift on Poshmark.

Or this cute patchwork Lilly skirt:

4) Hanro Nightshirts
Nothing is more comfortable than sleeping in a Hanro nightshirt.  Wash, wear, for years.  They never get old.

5) Equestrian Napkin Holders
How cute are these?  See them here

6) Kate Spade Bag
Is this not the cutest bag ever? See it here.

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