Thursday, July 25, 2019

My Favorite Clothing Designers

Like most women I love clothes but I don't consider myself a clothes horse.  Once upon a time, I bought designer clothing (when greatly reduced) and I still have some of those clothes. I'd love to return to the day when I bought only a few items each year but of great quality that I could wear forever but that's getting difficult to do with the quality of today's clothing and the prices of the really good stuff.

But I am making an attempt to shop year-end sales for my clothing for next season.  There are some designers that I love but can never afford even at greatly reduced prices - Carolina Herrera, Missoni, Armani, Rochas, Balmain, Valentino, Hermes and others.

Love this Balmain jacket:


I still have a wool Valentino skirt that I bought in Italy in 90's along with a floral Armani suit.  I wore out a Max Mara navy cotton suit that I also picked up in Italy but I still have my camel Max Mara coat that I bought at Saks in Washington about the same time.

So what's on my wish list?

1) Something Rochas

2) A Marni dress

3) Something from Gucci's clothing line in tweed - like this dress.

Or this fabulous coat:

4) A Chanel jacket (I doubt this will ever land in my closet but a girl can dream can't she?)
5) Something Prada like this organza dress:

6) Gucci Fur Mules

What have I added to my closet?

Two pairs of Malone Souliers shoes bought at 70 percent off. I cannot wait to wear them.  Eying a greatly reduced Marni dress!  What's in your closet?

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