Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Needlepoint Finishing - the Dilemma

Now that the entire world has started stitching, there is a massive backlog of unfinished needlepoint projects.   That ship that has been blocking the Suez Canal - the same story in needlepoint finishing.  A huge blockage means no one is getting their needlepoint finished.  I have numerous ornaments, door hangers and pillows at no less than three separate needlepoint stores, some mailed in October. The only good news is that my checkbook likes the fact that I'm not paying for finishing because it's not done yet.

But there are some options to considers.......

1) Send your projects to your local store.

This is the easiest way out. The deadline for holiday finishing seems to be around June 1st this year and that's with no guarantee that your ornaments will be on anyone's tree this year.

2) Send your projects to online finishers, Etsy and Instagram

This eliminates the middle man so to speak. Instagram is full of them.  

3) Send your pillows to your local fabric store. 

I sent two pillows to my store last week and they are significantly cheaper than the needlepoint stores.  I buy the fabric, trim and inserts first.  And when I do this I typically add a zipper to the pillow so it can be cleaned later in life.  This method is MUCH faster. I should have my pillows by May.  I use The Second Yard in Virginia (great place to buy drapery fabrics).


4) Do it yourself.

I thought about this for about 30 seconds, but since I detest sewing and have zero free time, the allure of saving some money, well, the allure wore off quickly when I thought about spending evenings for a week behind my Bernina.  For those who sew, have the time, this is a fabulous way to get your projects finished quickly.  

You can also find tutorials online on how to finish ornaments.  Glue gun, batting, some cute fabrics and trim, some creative genes in your gene pool and you're ready to go.

5) Other tidbits

I bought a hand steamer last year to use to block my needlepoint.  I hate using stretchers so I have to block my needlepoint in most cases. This little baby does the trick and it's great for clothes steaming too. Who knew?


1 comment:

  1. Oooo didn't know hand steamers could block. I have ornaments that never got finished, but might try doing it myself.


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