Wednesday, March 17, 2021

New Spring Picks for a Post-Pandemic Lifestyle

News flash - the pandemic is still with us.  People are flocking to the beach, getting on airplanes, taking trips like it's 1995.  Covid will not magically disappear once the majority of us are vaccinated.  It's here to stay and while we'll be able to go out more by summer, we'll still be masking up and this baby will again mutate, jump back to animals, then back to humans again.  Shots. Yes, more shots.  More masks.  Yes, for a long time.  Safety precautions will remain.  We will be getting back out, but it's a new normal.  

So while I hope to get out more than I did in 2020, 2021 will be a year of cautious but guarded optimism...... Here are some picks for spring and summer 2021 - still home a lot, but maybe some outside dining, day trips, a trip or two to the beach, by car, I should add.

Love these Ilse Jacobsen shoes for spring and summer.  They come in many colors and are super comfortable.

I ordered these in khaki on sale from Everlane, and they are fabulous.  Waiting for white for summer.  

This is also on my summer wish list.  If you haven not discovered sun shirts you are missing out. I ride in them all summer long but they are great for morning walks, running, tennis, boating or just wearing with shorts or jeans.  These are by Tailored Sportsman.  I love the white collar and you can find these in yummy pastels too.

Also love this Peter Millar top for spring in a tasteful tie-dye. Made for golf but great for any active lifestyle. 

Also love this one, also from Peter Millar:

Love this Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt, perfect for early spring and for cool summer nights.

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