Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Saturday List - March Version

It's hard to believe it's already March and spring peaked out in Virginia this past week.  The grass is getting green, the birds are out, the trees have buds - all wonderful arrivals.  So what's on the Saturday List this month?

1) Current Read - Arriving Home: A Gracious Southern Welcome by James Farmer

There is no time to read real books these days so I added this to my bulging cocktail table book collection.  Love his style, his decorating touches so this one will bring years of enjoyment.

2) Currently Stitching 

I finished this canvas (it's been in my stash for over a year) and decided to finish it myself.  It's going in my bedroom and I bought bright green and white fabric for the pillow. I stitched the words in navy blue, the border in kelly green and light blue with gold trim. The finishers are taking up to a year to finish needlepoint these days and they are not inexpensive.  So while I hate to sew, the Bernina is coming out soon.  Another option - go to your local fabric store where you buy drapery fabric and have your pillows finished there.  I find they do a great job and are less expensive than the needlepoint finishers.

3) Netflix Recommendation - Broadchurch

This series is only three seasons long and at first it was a little bit slow but after the first two shows, I was hooked and you won't find better acting than what you get with Olivia Colman and David Tennant - their chemistry is fabulous.  This is not a feel-good show, just the opposite but if you like crime dramas, great scenery, Oscar worthy acting and good British accents, add this one to your list. 

4) Equine Product Recommendation - Essex Classic Show Shirts

I just bought two new show shirts for the upcoming season and as a creature of habit I tend to stick with something that works.  These shirts are the show staple for the hunter circuit.  Nothing else works quite as well as an Essex shirt.  I buy mine directly from Essex, usually on sale.  Long sleeves only.  The Virginia hunter circuit has it's fashion faux pas and short-sleeved riding shirts - a big no.

5) Recipe Recommendation - Easy Chipotle Slaw

We order from Home Chef these days and they have a marvelous way of taking very simple ideas and making the food taste great.  This is an easy recipe and similar to what we ate this week from Home Chef and is great for warmer weather.  Just say no to store-bought slaw from now on....

6) Whatever Else 

The best new thing I have seen so far this season is the new Tory Burch Miller Cloud sandal.  They are sold out most everywhere and I did manage to try a pair on this week although they were a bit big as my size was sold out in every color.  If you can find your size, I'd try these out for sure.  

Got my first vaccine this week.  Life is good!

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