Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Pandemic - Year Two - How Our Lives Have Changed

It's hard to believe that we are now in Year Two of the pandemic and we are surely to have a Year Three without herd immunity.  So what has changed as we find ourselves in the middle of something we never thought we'd be a part of......

We stay home a lot, still.  Last year we rarely ever left the farm.  I work from home and I worked flat out for most of the year (and that continues) but we just stayed put.  This has not changed that much.  We still get out some, but not nearly as much as we once did. No restaurant dining.  No overnight trips except for a horse show (twice) and a visit to see family (once).  We've made a few trips to local vineyards (easy to social distance) and were thinking about a fall trip but probably will out that on hold now.

We quit eating out, and I love to cook but have been so busy at work, we ordered Home Chef last April and are still using this service.  I would highly recommend it.  We order two dinners and get three meals most of the time out of those, and order maybe three weeks out of the month maybe four.  Our life has been easier with this service and we do not miss restaurant dining.  I cannot see us returning to restaurant dining except for special occasions. 

I have not been to a salon since February 2020.  I can't believe this part, but hubby cuts my hair and I cut his.  Shocking yes, but I still don't feel comfortable going to one and I am in an area with a large unvaccinated population.  Playing it safe.  No coloring for me, no nails, I am pretty low maintenance in this regard. 

I've become a gardener even thought there's no free time to garden.  Learning to love the plants and nature again has been a bonus for me. I have made two new gardens and am planning a new bulb order for a fall planting. And now I am starting to learn about the birds.  This book has been a big inspiration.


When life sends you lemons, make lemonade.  That's what we continue to do.


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