Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sunday Musings

Life has been too darn busy lately to blog so I apologize.  We finally got a little bit of rain, not enough, but we will take anything we get and it's going to be out of the 90's today.  What a relief.  My pastures are starting to like paddocks again.

Love this adorable house with land for sale in my area.  It's not really a farm, you'd need to build a barn, but how charming is this house?  And the setting?  See the listing here.

The Meredith Collection is one of my favorite needlepoint designers and Lycette is having a trunk show.  20 percent off.  I love this one, would make a fabulous pillow. 

There was a Tucci booth at a recent horse show and I treated myself to a new pair of paddock boots (courtesy of a recently awarded work bonus). My feet are so difficult to fit and I love that these pull on. I added a pair of Thinline insoles to pad them a little bit.  This is my third pair of these lovely Italian boots.  They hold up well and are so elegant.  I won't wear these to the barn.  LOL.  When my tall boots wear out, I am going to buy Tucci's.

Madison and I ventured into the equitation ring yesterday, only to get into the ring before we showed.  Let me add that when you show around here in equitation you get to ride against all of the young riders from Hollins, Sweetbriar, and every other school in Virginia that offers a riding program.  Out of 18 we were 4th.  I was shocked!  We won a class in late April on the flat out of 10 at a rated show but this much more competitive. Is equitation in our future at this late stage in life. Perhaps so!  So maybe we need hind boots to match our front ones. This is my favorite brand for the hunters. My goal for Alfie this year was to do equitation. Maybe we can add it our "to do" or "to conquer" list even at my age. I am certain I was the oldest ribbon winner in the class yesterday.

My glass collection has grown this year a little bit and this is a pattern that I really love. It's not common and there are two patterns that are very similar. This is Deerwood by Tiffin. Lovely isn't is?

This is Black Forest by Paden City. I probably prefer Deerwood but to be honest no one other than a real collector would know the difference.  These are cake plates. I have a few of these.  I use them to serve small sandwiches, they are perfect for a buffet, and you can use them for crackers or any kind of food really.  We used to be elegant in our every day life. Today it's paper plates and plastic.  I prefer to go back to a more elegant way of living.  In this regard, I never ever serve dinner without cloth napkins.  We have place mats, china, and a real napkin with every dinner. 

 Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  Stay safe and please get vaccinated so we can return to a normal life. Please?


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