Sunday, August 1, 2021

The Kids - An Update

I have not mentioned the "kids" lately and it's been a busy summer so far for Apollo and Madison.  Sega and April are bearing the intense heat and drought that we have in Virginia. It's about as dry as I have seen it with no rain forecast this week. No grass, just brown. They lounge by day behind their fans (yes, two fans each) and go out to their brown fields around 9 pm.

Apollo left in mid-July for school.  It was time.  He turned three last week and while I hated to see him go, he was ready to do something.  Hoping to go and see him next weekend just to say hello.  We miss him terribly and cannot wait for his return. Now I know how all you mothers out there feel when you drop your kids at camp and college.  I had that experience mid-July.  Apollo leaves for camp in the photo below. He was not too thrilled about leaving.

Here is Apollo at camp. I think he forgot about us very quickly.

Madison has had a good summer so far.  It took us a while to get her going early in the new year as she was off the horse show trail for almost an entire year due to Covid.  It was a little rocky at first, and she hates indoor arenas but once we got her outside the Madison we know and love started to bloom.  We hit a road bump when Alfie died and then we battled ulcers but she's back now, better than ever before.  I decided to take her off the local circuit and only show her going forward at the rated shows. The plan is working well and she's getting very consistent.  We had good trips this weekend other than one Adult Amateur miss this morning. She got top ribbons in every class except one.  We were thrilled and Madison is finally learning that primary colors are best.

So while Covid rages again, we have managed to have fun this summer with the horses again. We'll go out again in two weeks. I think Madison looks the part don't you? She really is a horse show diva. Stay safe!

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  1. Ann,
    Gosh they are beautiful horses.
    I wish we could send the rain down from Saratoga. We’ve had only four dry days in July.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer


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