Thursday, September 13, 2012

Animal Kingdom

We'll stay on script for now (since it's Fashion Week) and look at the hot old trend of animal prints in clothing.  Let's stick to accessories for now.  I love animal prints but this season they are are everywhere.  Maybe overload.

Let's start with the classic Belgian Loafer.  These are just forever shoes.  Expensive. Yes.  Classic. Yes.  Worth every penny?  Yes.  And comfortable.

 Tory Burch also got carried away and has lots to offer for you animal lovers out there.  Look at her bags:

And the trend clearly is in play at J Crew but Jenna appears to take an idea and then use it over and over and over like her hen motif right now. She must love animals too.

Even Prada got in on the act:

There are going to be lots of tigresses out there this season. Vogue should be snapping the "good" and "bad" uses of animal prints for their October issue. Personally I love the timeless look.  You know its fall when the animal clothing comes out!  Enjoy your Thursday!

1 comment:

  1. cute! Ive got to get me some leopard shoes this fall! I have the belt. Love your needlepoint pillow post, too!
    Hope all is well.


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