Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Fashionista

It's been Fashion Week as I am sure many of you know and there are tons of blogs out there that you can read with all the details and the PHOTOS.  I love clothes but ceased being "fashionable" when I left the city life behind.  So here's a few peaks at some fashions by my standards.

As you probably know by now, I love J Crew,  not to mention the J Crew Outlet (not like in the Off Price Centers) but a real outlet about an hour away.  Sometimes I find some of the stuff I love in the catalog at about 75% off.  But here is some new stuff and I have not seen this in the store. I was in the Madison Avenue one last week - none of this stuff was there.

LOVE this cute pink jacket. It's a little short but how cute is this?  And look at the back!  I would wear this right now with white jeans.

Those who know me well understand my coat fetish.  I am banned from buying coats - too many!  But this one, well...........

This jacket may end up in the closet.  Channeling Chanel no doubt.  Love, love, love it!  And I already have this shirt.

I would have to see this on, but I really like this.

I did see this in New York and I do like it a lot, in this color, good size.

Maybe Fashion Week has stimulated your Visa card.  I like summer clothes much more than fall, but there are some cute things out there right now. Go shop. Stimulate the economy! 


  1. Love the pink jacket..funny about the coat obsession. I was that way up until I am now 20 pounds over weight!!!!! But still love a good structured coat, and have many in my closet to prove it!

  2. Where is the J. Crew outlet, Ann? Do you mean the one in Hagerstown? Leesburg? Potomac Mills?

  3. Andrea:
    It is in Lynchburg and there are two of them. Lots of locals don't even know about these. They are small, perhaps not worth the drive as it is hit or miss. I wear a small size so I can usually find stuff but not so sure about the bigger sizes. They have men's too, but again, not a lot of stuff.

    Here is a link to my blog post last year about this in August 2011:

  4. I also love and adore jackets. And I live in the south where jacket wearing is limited to maybe 1 month if I'm lucky. Ah well. Love your choices.


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