Sunday, September 23, 2012

Trend: Equestrian

I promise this is the last fall fashion post with the "equestrian" influence, but who does it better (and did it first) than Ralph.  His web site is full of the equestrian influence this fall and this is just the tip of the iceberg so I encourage you to peruse at your leisure.

In some cases these look familiar, just updated.  This belt looks expensive and it is but how lovely is this?

This shirt was one of my favorites.  Love the colors, in silk.

These boots come in three colors:

Another expensive handbag:

 And belt:

This black dress is from the Lauren line, within reach.

Same goes with this shirt which has race horses on it, ribbons and bits.

Skinny jeans. Maybe there is too much going on here:

This is the same bag as the purple one above. It comes in many colors.

Another inexpensive dress:

Happy shopping!


  1. Some of Ralph's clothes are very attractive. I have a couple of very nice, well-cut, correct tweed Ralph hacking jackets. For foxhunting I cut the Ralph Lauren logo buttons off and replaced them with plain flat buttons so no one would know they came from Ralph, and I got a lot of compliments during cubbing season.

  2. Please don't stop with the equestrian clothing updates! Riding is a way of life, not just a hobby. Might as well wear it on my dress (on the rare occasion I am clean and wearing something other than grungy barn clothes).

    To Andrea ^^, I've never actually owned or bought a new equestrian show coat. I've always found jackets that were close enough and tailored them to fit. Far cheaper and looked much better!

  3. Find me a real life girl who can pull those skinny jeans off! Outside of high fashion, equestrian wear can often look clunky but if you get it right; you look the whole nine yards. Throwing on anything equine can be a big mistake but it could be a risk worth taking...


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