Monday, September 17, 2012

More Equestrian Stuff at Target

Target must have equestrian on the brain.  More stuff was recently rolled out. Looks like they are trying to be Ralph Lauren on a budget.  Whatever, if it works?

Here is a link:|pdp|14071334|ClickCP|item_page.adjacency&lnk=Rec|pdp|ClickCP|item_page.adjacency


  1. much of Ralph's stuff......(don't get me wrong he is a genius at sales)

    It rings so "fake" to me. "Fake" framed boxes; "fake trophies" It feels just the opposite of the "real Virginia"!

    Where I have friends; and I have been lucky to visit!

    Ralph is just "faking" he has been very successfully for forty years or something (I bought ties on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills for my boyfriend in 1967 or 8!!) His very first venue!

    I just do not like "fake"! It always resounds........"FAKE" to me! Dpn't get me wrong.....he is a brilliant designer.....and his marketing is beyond brilliant!

    It always rings "fake" to me! (except in the few cases his people find "real Irish lace" and "real antique lace"!

    I was a "real preppy" (and hated every minute of it on the east coast at boarding school.....coming from Southern California)

    We "preppies" knew each other......the shoes....the stuff.....very subtle. Very, very subtle.

    Ralph "got" and ("cracked"the code......and it wasn't easy!)

    And "Preppy" went the way of the dinosaur! Now everyone can be "preppy"!

    It wasn't really a goal......or was it?


  2. Where did you find these items on the target site? I didn't see them in the shops pages or when searching... thanks!!

  3. Must agree with Penelope here. My daughter came back from a trip to Target laughing at their absurd efforts.

    Penelope's observations about Ralph are also astute--except I don't think that he "got" it and cracked the code. He has missed the point, which is that you can't buy heritage; you can't fake several hundred years of tradition.

    But Ralph and the whole "let's be preppy" movement are based on a very American premise: that here we have the freedom to re-invent ourselves, to leave our roots, improve ourselves, aspire. Perhaps more than other people, Americans think--they -know-, that if they display the tastes, interests, clothes, possessions, and activities of a perceived upper or upper-middle class, they'll impress others (but they'll only impress those who also don't originally come from that background). It's a game in which all the participants are trying to fake each other out.

    Is it a good thing? For the economy, yes. For society and morality...that's another discussion altogether.

  4. I posted a URL on the blog post this morning. Hope that helps!


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