Thursday, November 29, 2012

Equestrian-Themed Holiday Ideas

I love the equestrian theme year round but think you can do some great stuff with it at the holidays. Here are just a few ideas - some you can do at home yourself. 

Take that old trophy and a red ribbon (who ever said 2nd place was not useful!) and add some greenery and berries and viola, a great holiday decoration.

These are my favorite (off Pininterest). You can cut out the horse heads in green styrofoam (from Michaels) and add some ribbon for a halter. Hard to see what they used for the eyes but a lot of things come to mind - an old button would work, even the top from a beer bottle would do. An old earring maybe?

This cute ornament from the Horse & Hound Gallery will also add equine to your tree.

Needlepoint stockings also add some oomph to your decorations. I like to buy mine instead of stitching (SO much cheaper).  This one also came from the Horse & Hound Gallery.

If you don't have a lot of ornaments, this is a great way to fill your tree (and use all those ribbons).

While we all can't go out and do this, isn't it wonderful that someone else did?

I'll have some other ideas in the next few weeks. Enjoy the day!

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