Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lilly for Christmas

OK, how many shopping days do we have left? Who has done nothing?  Well, let Etsy.com do some of your legwork for you.  Look at what I found today!  If you love Lilly Pulitzer, then you are in luck. 

I don't think this is still available (maybe they can make another one for you) but don't you love this Lilly Christmas tree skirt?  Great for a beach house or a warm climate Christmas.

For the college girl who has everything..... a Lilly steering wheel cover to go in that X3.

For the perfect powder room or beach house (or Palm Beach if you are lucky enough), these monogrammed hand towels are divine!

Got a dog?  Is he or she preppy?  If not, go that direction with this Lilly dog collar. Too bad Truman does not do collars.

I threw this in because I love this fabric and have a dress and skirt with this Kentucky Derby print.  If you are creative, buy some fabric and make your own stuff!

Does your mom still channel Lilly? If so, buy her a vintage dress.

This will make your little black suitcase stand out at the airport.This is just so cute (too bad I never travel anymore by air):

Lilly for Geeks?  Yes, there is indeed a Lilly mousepad.

And how about these cute Lilly address labels.  Can't go wrong with these since no one can sell their real estate - no need to fear anyone moving. So order a lot of these!


  1. And of course there are these....


  2. Will you please include links? These are great items and I'd love to get more info.


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