Monday, November 12, 2012

Gifted Monday

Mondays are so "blah" so between now and Christmas, I'm going to spice Monday up a bit by coming up with three gift ideas. Christmas is SO close and usually I have most of my shopping done by now and I have done nothing!  So here's a few ideas for this gray Monday:

I love candles and Nest is one of my favorites. This particular one is inspired by scents from Sir Elton John's garden. 

If money is no object then I'd go for this shocking pink Kate Spade leather handbag. It comes in several colors but the pink is my favorite. If Kate Spade is good enough for Pippa, then well......

Getting a bit closer to earth in the price category this darling fox Christmas ornament from
would make a great gift.  There are some really cute things on this web site.

So how many shopping days do we have left? Not enough. Enjoy your Monday and please thank our Veterans!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, how I love that candle! Not sure why I'm not selling it but I sure did buy one for myself while in New Orleans! It smells heavenly!


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