Sunday, November 11, 2012

Show Mom

I just returned home from a quick trip to North Carolina (my last horse show of the year) with Alfie.  My good friend Julie came by and we had a nice but quick visit. She took these photos of my black boy (whom my trainer chided me for calling "sweet hart") but when I explained to him that since I don't have kids my horses are my kids. He did not get it. 

Anyway, here are some photos Julie took, and she came up with the title "show mom."  So I guess I am Alfie's show mom in a way.  Those girls out there who own horses and love them like I do will understand.  We may not be the most competitive duo out there right now, but he is a cute boy.


  1. Agreed. He is a beautiful boy!

  2. Alfie is gorgeous! I would imagine you are incredibly proud. My nine year-old daughter started English riding lessons over the summer and collects Breyer horses. So, needless to say horses, real and collected, are the main subjects of conversations around here and I love every minute of it. I will be sharing this post with my daughter. She will love it!

    Have a great week and thanks for sharing!

  3. Well done! I can see why you love him-beautiful head and neck and a kind eye. I won't have anything in the barn that doesn't have that pretty head hanging over the stall door!
    Love the blog.

  4. He is gorgeous and you have a great seat! Please tell us more about him?


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