Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Heavenly Horse Handbag

When I was at a horse show recently I came across a needlepoint vendor who happened to have the sample of a handbag I am stitching.  The one I am working on is altered a bit (the colors won't be the exact same) and I don't like the black patent handles and trim they used (mine will be done in brown plain leather) but it was fun to see it all finished.  And it looks better in real life!

This is actually easy to stitch and won't take very long to complete.  I am using a darker color for the background (more of a putty tan) as the cream will get too dirty.  You can't really see the colors well here but the green stripe is predominant.  Mine will be more of a french blue.  I almost went pink but it was too strong.  This bag is a great size.  It looks small here but it is more medium-sized.  I won't add the shoulder strap to mine.  I am using mostly wool threads with some silk and ivory (which is a silk and wool blend).  If I ever get it finished and then to the finisher, I will show you mine when completed.  Interested in ordering one?  Let me know and I can give you the details.  Happy Wednesday everyone!

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