Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Horse Country Chic Goes Retail?

Thought I would show you a few items that I currently have for sale in a small store near where I live.  My plan has been to set up a store on Etsy but that has not happened yet.

The plan is to have items with an equestrian-theme.  Like this green magazine rack below with a horse painted on it:

 Some antiques, like these old shot glasses or apertif glasses:

This very old plate:

And of course the lawn jockey.  I had a green one that sold in a few days:

Would love your comments, suggestions, ideas.........


  1. I want it all, alas the Vet bill from the most recent Mothers Day to Memorial Day episode of The Leg that Ate My Holidays has caused the bank accounts to go into cardiac arrest. Boo.

  2. Love the blog in general and also your for sale items...check out my etsy shop, A Horse of Course, that is equestrian themed. I don't sell a high volume but I get pretty good prices for items that are amazingly found at tag sales and at thrift stores.

  3. You items are lovely! I am really interested in a Lawn Jockey.

    If you have one that would be available for shipping to South Carolina Please let me know.
    Thanks, Julie

  4. I am not technologically skilled enough to advise there:) but I do think your blog shows your impeccable style and these items fit into that.

    I have some antique glasses as well and I love using them....yours are very sweet. I also have 2 of the same plates up in my dining room. They are paired with a fabulous water colour a young student did for me of a "barnscape".

    I pine over that lawn jockey....I am a west coaster and they are not big here, but I have experienced the east and equestrian country. It brings back memories.

    I think an etsy shop would do well for you. You are creative and resourceful....and appear to have great taste.

    good luck! Tw

  5. Love the items! Espeically the jockey and the plate.

  6. You must set up a Etsy store...LOVE the lawn jockey with pink silks! xx


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