Friday, May 31, 2013

Is Brown Back?

Seeing a lot of brown these days, maybe more in the jumper ring than in the hunters, but is it really back?  Like in this Charles Owen hat?

Or this one from Troxol which likely would be used at home or for schooling....

I wish brown field boots would come back.... we wore them in the 70's.....


And I simply adore this brown Animo riding coat:

So brown gets my vote.  I say let's see more of it.  Black and navy need a little spicing up!


  1. Brown field boots ARE back!!!!!! (depending where you show). I saw several people with them at the TB Celebration shows in Lexington. People also rocked rust breeches! I just purchased a pair of dark brown field boots to wear in the hunters. I have a fabulous brown jacket to wear with them.

  2. I was going to post the same thing. I've seen brown field boots. Most people don't get them simply because only Vogel, Dehner, and other bespoke bootmakers offer them. One sees them often in the hunt field. Paired with a brown velvet helmet, they're stunning during the ratcatcher season.

    Another trend I note is the return of the velvet collar on hacking jackets. This is quite acceptable in the UK but has not been okay here in the last 35 years or so. Now that British clothiers are gaining a market foothold here, one is seeing the velvet collars. Alexander James had their $700 hacking jackets with velvet collars at the VA Foxhound Show last weekend and Bryn Mawr (presumably) today.

    1. I have a new Grand Prix coat, navy with a suede collar, but in the new techno fabric. Reminds me of the coats in the 70's, just updated.


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