Saturday, May 18, 2013

Merry Marimekko

I remember Marimekko from the 1960's when "mod" was in as was "groovy" and women wore paper dresses if they were really cool.

It seems it's back or maybe it never left.  The Finnish company is based in Helsinki and is noted for its brightly colored printed fabrics and simple styles. I tried on a great striped Marimekko dress recently that fits this bill.

The company was introduced to the US by architect Benjamin C. Thompson and Jackie Kennedy made the brand famous by wearing eight Marimekko dresses during the 1960 Presidential campaign.

Crate and Barrell is also a big fan and has an agreement with the company utilizing its designs on textiles sold in their stores.  But the company floundered as time went on and almost went into bankruptcy in the early 1990's.  Sex in the City helped revive the brand much like Jackie when Carrie Bradshaw wore a Marimekko bikini in season 2 and later on, a dress.  

Today the company has stores in New York City, Cambridge, MA, Oxford, MS, Miami and in Vancouver.  There are 84 stores worldwide.  Keep your eye out for this timeless brand that appears to just "keep going" - gotta love it!

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  1. The 1st one you posted could easily be transferred to a canvas for a needlepoint belt or strap.


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