Thursday, May 30, 2013

Horse of Course Shop on Etsy

A reader mentioned her shop on Etsy this week, so I thought it worth sharing as she has some cool stuff.  There is so much out there on Etsy that sometimes it is hard to find everything.  Here is the link to her store. 

This is probably my favorite item, also one of the most expensive. But is this not unique?  What is it you might be asking?  This is a custom hand crafted wooden "Jeu De Course" Horse Racing Lawn Game.  These appear to be made to order. 

All parts and pieces fit securely and conveniently into a custom carrying case.   A set includes:
6 - giant sized hand made and hand painted solid wooden dice, with actual router indented "pips" ( "not just painted on").( you pick your favorite colors!)

6 - hand made and individually hand painted race horses, which stand approximately 12" tall and are made of 1 1/8" thick solid pine wood.( you pick your favorite colors!)

1 - 2 ft wide x 8ft long custom painted artificial grass racetrack, which features 6 "starting gates", 7 "lengths" and finish line.( 12ft and 15ft lenghts available for additional fee).

1 - custom carrying case, personalized on the inside and outside of lid with your choice of racetrack name and "vintage look pinstripe graphics"( not shown in photos). The case measures approximately 26" wide x 24" deep x 14" tall. Made with a combination of 3/4" thick medium density fiberboard and 1/2" thick plywood, the case features brass plated latches, piano hinge, box corners and handle for easy transportation, durability and long life. A decorative, easily installed lid support is included to support lid when in the open position. (Again, box and racetrack name painted in your choice of colors!)

Also love this antique Jeu De Course Horse Racing Game from the late 1880's. Still works too!

Some other stuff:

Happy browsing, or maybe shopping!

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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my etsy shop AHorseofCourse. I've had great fun finding and selling vintage equestrian items and even more fun "storing" them in my house. Etsy is by far and away my favorite site as a buyer and a seller...


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