Friday, May 24, 2013

"Technical" Show Shirts

There has been a lot of chatter about the "new" technical show shirts that are popping up in the show rings.  Seems the world is indeed changing and those white cotton ratcatchers with the pretty monograms, well, they are so "old school."  Instead, there are lots of new vendors out there producing shirts that breathe, dry, wick, maybe even give birth.  Who knows?

The ECE Knitted Competition Shirt falls into this category. Won't win an award at Fashion Week, but is oh so practical...

Ece Technical Show Shirts

I have not seen this in real life but it has signature pearl snaps and printed technical fabric on the inner collar.  Aeorocool fabric (must really be cool, no pun intended).  

Another popular shirt is the Essex Classics Talent Yarn.  Am a big fan of Essex and like their more traditional styling.  These are so popular right now that it is hard to find them in stock in some sizes.  You can get these in different fabrics around the collar, not that you will see that on the horse with a jacket on.  Machine wash and dry.  Gotta love it.  No more ironing....

The Tredstep™ Symphony Long Sleeve Competition Shirt in exclusive AirSilk™ four-way stretch fabric keeps you dry even in very hot and humid conditions. Silk-like fabric converts perspiration to cooling energy and fights odor-causing bacteria to help you ride with confidence. It also provides protection from ultra-violet rays, dries quickly and allows cooling, two-way breathability. Exquisitely detailed for competition, this shirt has a crisp woven collar and hidden snap closures, figure-flattering seams and ribbed side panels. Feels like silk against your skin for a touch of luxury in and out of the saddle.Machine wash.Imported.

 The FITS Anna Silk Touch Show Shirt looks like a more traditional show shirt but apparently it is not.    It is made with powermesh fabric, and claims to be "air conditioned" which is a unique claim.  People say they are great.

Here is another vendor to consider, but your pocket book should be warned that this vendor will have a dangerous effect on your bank balance.  The Animo shirts.  Love these!

Are there others out there that you would also recommend?  Ariat?  New companies that maybe we have not heard about yet?


  1. Oh, boy... I guess I am a die-hard traditionalist because I definitely do not care for most of these. I do like the Anna from FITS, as it looks the most like a ratcatcher, and the Essex Classics is the best of the "polo style" shirts. But the Animo? It would be fine for dressage or jumpers, I guess, but surely not the hunter/eq rings?

  2. I wish someone would make an everyday shirt that is lightweight, protects from UV, and is not expensive. I am a trainer and stand out in the sun for hours. If I could find a shirt like this, I would buy several. White is preferable.

    1. Clare,
      Dover has some very nice ones, around $50. I tried a few on this week. Check out the Goode Rider brand. Very good quality, lots of bang for your buck!

    2. Don't know if they are UV protection or not though. Try Nike. They have great sales, I love their clothes.


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