Friday, June 5, 2015

American Pharoah, the Stealth Slew?

Even before American Pharoah won the Derby, people like D. Wayne Lucas (the Hall of Fame trainer) were comparing the striking bay colt to another striking bay colt, the only undefeated Triple Crown winner, Seattle Slew.

American Pharoah, like Seattle Slew, has an undeniable brilliance about him. He’s got blazing speed and hadn't been challenged in any of his victories except the Derby.

Younger folks might be surprised to know that even after he swept the Triple Crown, Seattle Slew really wasn’t embraced by the racing public because he did what he did against the Run Dusty Runs and Sanhedrins of the world. And this was during an age when Triple Crown winners were numerous - Secretariat in 1973, Affirmed in 1978 with Slew sandwiched in between. Seattle Slew’s greatness wasn’t fully acknowledged until he was 4.  And there is still talk about AP's very slow time in the Derby.  It was not a fast race by Derby standards.  But I am hoping for a winner like everyone else. We need another Seattle Slew, badly.


  1. The pack was too large in the Derby for one, they have to stop that.
    His lead post to post in the Preakness was impressive.
    Exciting to see a quality horse attempt it, for sure!

  2. As much as I would like to see another triple crown winner, I am compelled to cheer on Mr. Fipke's Tale of Verve. I am a "Chuck" fan :).

    However, it might be a different story with a dry track....... "Pearce" aka "Carole" aka "anon"

  3. So I was 11 when Cauthen and Affirmed won, and finally we see a horse who can do all 3, going away no less, and my son is 11.
    Yay Pharoah!!!


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