Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Horses of Heisey

During the ten years I lived near Pittsburgh, I came to love and collect glassware made mostly in the 1920's and 1930's.  This area of the world was famous for its glass making and once upon a time there were literally hundreds of glass companies in PA, OH, WV and even Western Maryland.  They are long gone but the glass remains and has become quite collectible.  Several of these companies made adorable glass horses and they can be found today on Ebay, at glass shows and in antique stores.  Heisey (made in Ohio) made some of these horses.  Heisey was in operation from 1895 until 1958.  This one can be found on Ebay here.

Some are colored.....

This one is much larger, but still gorgeous...  See it here.

Heisey even made Clydesdales, long before Budweiser made them famous. See this one here.

The horses came in many colors, shapes and sizes, some in clear glass and others frosted like this one here.

In glass, come colors are very rare, more collectible and certain patterns, sizes or shapes are also more rare than others.  I don't know which colors in Heisey are the hardest to find. 

 This one can be purchased on Etsy for less than $15. See it here.

If shopping on Ebay for glass the prices can vary tremendously. So do your homework. See this cute one here.

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